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SacPAL Rugby


The SACPAL Rugby program has been in existence since 2010. Over the years the program has expanded to serve over 180 young athletes per year with our under 10, under 12, middle school, and high school teams. All of our teams are responsibly coached by experienced rugby coaches who are trained and certified by USA Rugby as youth coaches. Rugby Season starts with practice sessions in December and concludes in April. We also offer a summer 7's program. For the latest news on our youth rugby teams check out our Facebook page

2016 Sacpal Amazons - High School Girls Club Rugby National Champions

High School Girls Rugby - The SacPAL Amazons

The Sacramento Amazons began in the Fall of 2001. Founded by Sefesi Green and the Green Family out of Sacramento, CA. The first Amazons were daughters of Tongan immigrants who grew up watching their fathers, uncles and brothers playing rugby. The Amazons have the distinction of being the first female rugby team of mostly Tongans. In other words, the first girls Polynesian team in America. Today, the Amazons are more than just a "Polynesian" team. Amazons now are a team of all races.

The Amazons are a family. Each girl is pushed to exceed expectations on the pitch, but also in everything else that they do. Each player is there for each other. The Amazons focus on being good role models in the community. In the short 18 year history of the club, the Amazons have become really positive examples for the younger girls in the community, changing the attitude and outlook on what our young women can achieve in life!

In 2015, Sefesi relocated to Hawaii and handed the team to Assistant Coach David Tausinga. In 2016 the Amazons linked with the Sacramento Police Activities League (SacPal) and became known as the SacPAL Amazons (the SacPAL program's high school girls team). 

Three National Championships ('03,'10,'16), several Northern California Championships and countless other trophies are what many people in the rugby world know us for, but the biggest accolades or achievements are what each of the Amazons do in life after high school. The Amazons have several alumni who have taken rugby to the next level and have played in college, for the Amazon (adult) women's team, and at the National level. Amazon alumni have played for colleges such as AIC, UC Davis, Central Washington University, Sacramento State University and several community colleges. Amazon alumni Joanne Fa'avesi is currently a USA Rugby Eagle and played in the 2016 Rio Olympics! Each of them are successful and a part of a community that looks out for each other.

Brianna Tausinga

Brianna Tausinga

Amazon's Rugby Manager

High School Boys Rugby - The SacPAL Spartans

Rugby Amazons

Nemani Volavola

High School Boys Head Coach