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Check back often for exciting news regarding SacPAL's Boxing Program!

SACPAL Boxing - North

To participate in our north area boxing program, contact a program director at the Grace City Center, located at 701 Dixieanne Ave. in Sacramento for more information.

SACPAL Boxing Program

The SACPAL Boxing program was resurrected in May 2018 when we began a partnership with the Grace City Center in Del Paso Heights. The program meets once a week on Tuesdays at 1 pm for an hour and is open to youth in the neighboring area.

In October 2018, we launched a second boxing program thanks to a partnership with American Legion Continuation School and the City of Refuge in Oak Park.  This program is available to students of American Legion.  Both programs teach participants skills and fitness drills related to boxing. Participants train on heavy bags, speed bags, and other equipment. Sparring or contact between participants is not included in our programs.

SACPAL Boxing - East

If you are a student at American Legion Continuation School and would like to participate in the SACPAL Boxing program, contact a school administrator for more information.