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In Loving Memory...

By Sacramento Police Foundation, 12/06/17, 5:15PM PST


It is with a heavy heart we announce the death of our SacPAL Vice President Tom Burruss, who passed away unexpectedly on October 20, 2016.  Tom was dedicated to serving the Sacramento community, in particular at-risk youth.  Although his passing leaves a huge void, Tom will forever be remembered for his kind heart and selfless attitude, and will be deeply missed by all that knew him.

Please take a moment to read the following poem written by a colleague and friend of Tom...

Heaven Is Having A Burruss Bar-B-Que

There's only one word to fit this occasion
So, no matter what you hear today
Each and every translation of this word
Will match the feelings that your heart will say

You see, we've all been touched by an angel
We've been part of a master plan
We've been crossing paths for many years
With a plain and simple man

He came, for some, to share a smile or two
A big brother who lovingly added a nudge
To let you know that he believed in you
When you needed a friend, he wouldn't judge

He is a son, brother, and father
He filled each role with class
He's been raised, the elders would say
With the wholesome values that last

He and Deb met in the bowling alley
And their heartstrings struck a single tune
They began a fabulous love affair
It is a love that continues to bloom

His focus at that time was in the community
Each of you knows that Tom held you so dear
The Florin Road Partnership, SacPAL's Fishing Derby
Always garnered the youth's heartfelt cheer

Let's not forget 26 years of the MLK365 March
And those who coordinated each detail along the way
The crowds increased in each MLK March
The vendors welcomed thousands on MLK Day

Who will ever forget the self-described non-profit Guru
Who adopted the entire family of every client he gained
The alliances formed, the friendships, and the bar-b-ques
With each effort, Tom's energy level never waned

He gave each request his full attention
He planned for success and did his best to deliver
Wayne Hironaka started the Pacers for Peace
Tom and Wayne's alliance are both such givers

Take all of these things that we hold so dear
That describes how we feel about our friend
Honor the loss Tom feels for his Deb
And trust that his love for her will never end

She holds their history from the day they met
She holds his heart that he gifted to her alone
It is for her, peace in the midst of any future storm
It will be her sunlight until God brings her home

Big heart, good deeds, true warrior, Drill Sergeant,
Giant, activist, good friend, all fill this list
The word that we can all agree on is LOVE
This gentle giant will forever be missed

By: Jacquelyn Smithson Howard